Welcome to Plant-Wise

Plant-Wise Biostimulant Company is a manufacturer of products for the green industry. Long recognized for our innovations in performance and packaging, our reputation is further enhanced by our commitment to extensive research and development, both public and private, as well as providing our distributors with the highest level of service found in the business. Our products are environmentally safe, and frequently formulated in pre-measured, water-soluble pouches. The space-efficiencies of our product design footprints enable our distributors to conserve valuable warehouse area. We provide timely technical support, staff a full-time transportation department to assist customer logistics, and discreetly manage private label programs.

Plant-Wise: available through superior distributors to the trade.

Plant-Wise Biostimulant Company started biostimulant research in the early 1990s when a former NASA plant physiologist was contracted to develop the most effective blend of plant growth substances. Plant-Wise has always been quality minded, from our formulations to the manufacturing processes.

All of this, and we ensure that our product remains cost-effective for the clientele of our distribution segments: agri-business, chemical firms, sod farms, erosion control professionals, sports turf maintenance, landscape contractors, and plant breeders.

The right steps to make a quality biostimulant:

Quality Formulation

To produce the maximum benefits it is essential that all the elements be in the right balance. Plant Wise contracted Dr. Dick Dedolph to develop our biostimulant. Dr. Dedolph, a plant physiologist formerly with Argonne National and the project leader of the NASA Space Agricultural Program, formulated these products after extensive testing and consultation with Dr. Dick Schmidt - Professor of Turf Ecology at Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

Quality Testing

Dr. Schmidt is considered the top researcher of biostimulants and conducted extensive research and testing at Virginia Tech with 3D. Research has found that 3D treated plants had:

   - Improved plant performance, especially under stress
   - Reduced nematode damage by increasing tolerance
     and root mass
   - Increased root mass and depth
   - Reduced leaf water loss
   - Increasing antioxidant and chlorophyll levels in
     plants prior to and during stress
   - Improved color
   - Reduced frost damage

Quality Manufacturing

Plant-Wise manufactures all of the 3D products, not just repackage or resell. We test all materials used in the production of the 3D line of biostimulants, so quality, consistency and shelf life is insured. Equals the best biostimulants on the market today.